Membership Rates

2017/18 Subscriptions - From 1st april 2017

Membership TypeEntrance FeeSubscriptionDirect Debit
Adult Full£600.00£1030.00£30.00
Adult Country£600.00£515.00£30.00
Adult ForestNil£515.00£30.00
Young Adult (28-29)£480.00£824.00£30.00
Young Adult (26-27)£360.00£618.00£30.00
Young Adult (24-25)£300.00£515.00£30.00
Young Adult (22-23)£240.00£412.00£30.00
Intermediate Employed (18-21)Nil£265.00N/A
Intermediate Full Time Education (18-24)Nil£180.00N/A
Junior (14-17)Nil£130.00N/A
Junior (Under 14)Nil£65.00N/A
Junior Heath Course SubscriptionNil£50.00N/A

Non PlayingNil£100.00N/A

Locker & Trolley Storage Available

Entrance Fees can be spread over 10 years

Direct Debit payments are spread over 10 months (April to January inclusive) at an additional cost of £30.00 (£3.00 per payment)